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delta pronaturaPurchasing

The purchasing department has an important role to play in the supply chain at delta pronatura. Due to the fast pace of the FMCG industry, the high seasonality of our products and the international nature of our sales markets, our purchasing department needs to be highly flexible and able to respond fast.

We ensure a reliable, punctual supply of products by continuously optimizing our processes and building long-term partnerships with our suppliers. With vision and clear priorities, our purchasing team members play their part in ensuring that our products are always available on national and international food retailers’ shelves.

Our purchasing department has the following responsibilities within delta pronatura:


  • Planning and controlling material cost development
  • Standardization (packaging materials) for volume bundling
  • Selecting suitable suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Supplier development
  • Supplier evaluation based on the KPIs of our quality management system
  • Price negotiations during annual reviews
  • Visiting trade fairs and conferences


  • Developing packaging concepts (primary and secondary packaging)
  • Project management
  • Coordinating contract manufacturing
  • Coordinating in-house manufacturing in our factories
  • Resource planning
  • Scheduling
  • Master data management in SAP

In addition to the production facilities at our headquarters, delta pronatura has a second location in the UK where part of our powder production takes place. The purchasing department coordinates the daily supply of goods, fine tunes the production planning and coordinates production releases with the teams in Manchester and Egelsbach.

We do not buy exclusively on the German market; we also obtain components and semi-finished products from the USA, Mexico, China and many European countries.

As demand for our products rises, so do our purchasing volumes. The development over the last five years can be seen in the graphic below:

Clear structures and vertical product responsibilities ensure streamlined processes and a high degree of flexibility within the purchasing department. The company’s objectives are at the heart of everything we do, and teamwork and dedication are prerequisites for our department’s success.