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delta pronaturaOur scientific division

The scientific division comprises medical and regulatory affairs, product safety, trademark rights and quality management. It looks after a very large product range. The health and beauty care segment (HBC) includes pharmaceutical products, medical products, food supplements and cosmetics. The detergents and cleaning agents' segment also includes biocides.

Health and beauty care products, detergents and cleaning agents are legally regulated products for which safety is imperative. And it is the responsibility of the scientific division to ensure that they are.

Before any product is introduced onto the market, it undergoes rigorous testing for potential risks in line with the statutory regulations. In this way, we ensure that every formulation meets the legal requirements. These requirements include correct labelling and product promotion. The scientific division registers the product with the relevant authorities and applies for access to the market, where appropriate. Only products that meet all the requirements can be placed on the market.

In many cases, the scientific division starts working on a new product as early as during the design and product development phase. We examine its product-specific properties, compile the documentation for the authorities as well as the product information and instructions for use for the consumer. In addition, we provide advice for professionals and customers who have specific questions about our products.

The scientific division represents the company in its dealings with
authorities and interest groups and acts globally to protect our successful, well-established brands. We also handle all legal issues concerning
our products, particularly claims of HBC product benefits and
labelling of products as well as brand rights.

Mandatory text

Original Bullrich Salz upset stomach tablets/Original Bullrich Salz powder.

Active ingredient: sodium bicarbonate

Uses: Traditionally used as a mild remedy for heartburn and acid-related stomach discomfort.

For details of risks and side effects, please read the patient information leaflet and consult your physician or pharmacist.

delta pronaturaHealth- and Beauty Care

The HBC segment includes pharmaceutical products, medical products, food supplements and cosmetics. Each of these product classes is subject to specific legal requirements which must be taken into account right from the product development phase. These are regulated under the German Drugs Law, the German Ordinance for the Manufacture of Medicinal Products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, the Medical Devices Act, the Law on Advertising in the Health Care System, the Foods and Feeds Code and the Cosmetics Regulation.

A separate set of product documentation is prepared for each product. This includes evidence of quality, safety and efficacy. Authorities have the right to inspect the product documentation.

Claims of product benefits used in promotional activities are checked for correctness by the scientific division. The mandatory texts required by law is integrated into the packaging design. We continue to monitor all delta pronatura products even after they are launched. Our vigilance system encompasses all product classes.

delta pronaturaDetergents and cleaning agents

Ensuring the marketability of our products is the central task of the scientific division. To ensure this, we work closely with all company departments.

Our starting point is an extensive evaluation of our raw materials, which looks at physical-chemical properties, toxicity, sensitisation, skin irritation effect, ecotoxicity and other aspects.

The pool of data we collect allows us to correctly classify and evaluate our formulations, prepare product safety data sheets in accordance with the legal requirements, and, consequently, include the mandatory information on the sales packaging.

The product development phase is rounded off with a documented review by an interdisciplinary team consisting of members of the scientific, quality management, quality control, R&D and production departments. This is part of a further safety assessment that all detergents and cleaning agents have to undergo to check for potential hazards to human health and the environment. The product can only be put on the market after this review has been completed with a positive outcome.

Provision of data to authorities, poison control centre and other government bodies is essential for the marketability of a product.

We make sure that we meet all national demands. Each country has different kinds of notification, registration or authorization procedures, depending on the product and the product type, for example. We prepare the necessary documents promptly and provide updates as well as any amendments in line with changes in the laws.

delta pronaturaQuality Management

All of our products meet the highest quality and safety standards.
To ensure the high quality of our health and beauty care products and our detergents and cleaning agents, we operate a quality management system that implements our quality policy.

The QM department is responsible for implementing any measures needed for maintaining and developing the delta pronatura QM system.
To do so they communicate and report directly to the management, which provides the necessary resources.

We promote awareness among our staff of quality, regulatory issues and customer requirements by holding regular training courses and through personal communication, e.g. within the QA team, during internal audits and in face to face discussions.

Among the ongoing duties of the QM department are regular evaluations of all processes, e.g. by means of internal quality audits and supplier audits, and communication with authorities and customers on all QM matters. We always welcome customer audits, during which we provide advice and support, and are happy to answer any questions both during and after an audit.

All certifications are prepared by the QM team and are continuously updated and managed following a successful audit.