Success based on passion.



Launch of own vegan brand DR. THEO KRAUSS 

Inauguration of the new high bay warehouse in Egelsbach

The British Sales- and Production Companies Acdoco and Acdopro become wholly owned subsidiaries



We open a subsidiary in France, delta pronatura France S.A.S., located in Bordeaux



Entry Nils Beckmann into the company management representing the fourth owner generation

We launch and start distributing BlanX White Shock in Germany and Austria



Celebrating 80 years of delta pronatura

delta pronatura AG Switzerland established

Sales force collaborates with Sebapharma in the food retailing sector and pharmacies



Acdoco in Bolton, UK relocates and expands
into new head office

Photovoltaic system installed to generate electricity

We open a subsidiary in Nanjing, China



We acquire additional property and extend our headquarters, demonstrating clear commitment to our Egelsbach base

2007 - 2011

2011We launch and start distributing Bi-Oil in Germany and Austria
2010We expand our international activities into the Middle East and Far East
2007We acquire majority shareholding in Acdoco, Bolton, UK

2000 - 2006

2006Launch of Bullrich’s Heilerde (healing earth) Joint venture in Poland
2001We completely rebuild our production facilities and relocate our headquarters to Egelsbach, Germany
2000delta pronatura Handels GmbH established in Vienna, Austria

1991 - 1997

1997Joint venture with Astley Dye & Chemical Company
Acdoco, Bolton, UK
1994Delta Carbona established in New Jersey, USA
1991Launch of Dr. Beckmann household cleaner range & introduction of Dr. Beckmann as an umbrella brand for all washing and cleaning products

1982 - 1986






The umbrella brand Dr. Beckmann is created


First international activities in Italy and the Netherlands


Launch of the product innovation Stain Salt & acquisition of the brand Bullrich Salz


1971 - 1973

1973  We start distributing the Blistex lip care brand
1971We enter the detergent and cleaning agents market by acquiring Stain Devils

1934 - 1963

1963Company relocates to Neu-Isenburg
1951Company relocates to Frankfurt
1934Company established in Berlin (Schäfer’s pharmacy)
Production and sale of DDD skin care preparation