Success based on passion.

delta pronaturaA family affair

delta pronatura is one of a few independent medium-sized companies distributing branded products in Germany. The company is managed by third generation owners Gerhard Krauss and Heiner Beckmann and – since 2016 – also by his son Nils Beckmann, representing the fourth generation. By manufacturing and distributing its own Dr. Beckmann, Bullrich and DR. THEO KRAUSS brands as well as the Blistex and Bi-Oil brands distributed under licence in Germany and Austria, delta pronatura has established a broad market position.

In Germany we are pioneers of the umbrella brand policy and were one of the first brands to go international:
today, the Dr. Beckmann brand has a presence in more than 80 countries on all continents.

Our success is not only the result of our passion for entrepreneurship, but is above all due to the commitment of each and every one of our people. Our employees are our greatest success factor. The above-average length of time people stay with the company and our low labour turnover rate demonstrate a high degree of loyalty between the company and our employees.