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delta pronaturaQuality policy

To ensure consistently high quality, we use a quality management system based on seven principles:

1. Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. By communicating with our customers on an ongoing basis, carefully selecting suppliers and raw materials and keeping strict control of processes and products, we make sure that all orders are fulfilled correctly and in line with the customer’s expectations.

2. Job satisfaction

Our employees are our most important asset. Each employee is treated as an individual. We operate a policy of open and honest dialogue and offer our employees continual professional training and development opportunities. Well-trained, motivated people are a fundamental requirement for the success of our company. Our employees enjoy job security and are paid in accordance with the chemical industry tariffs.

3. Establishing and reviewing quality objectives

Pursuing established objectives and measures is key to the management of our company processes. This is ensured by regular reporting to management. Internal and external audits are an essential part of the assessment process and quickly reveal weak points and areas with potential for improvement.

4. Relationships with suppliers

Wherever possible and appropriate, we keep the steps along the value chain in-house - especially our R&D, manufacturing, storage and quality assurance activities.

Products and services we purchase from suppliers must meet our own high standards. delta pronatura only works with suppliers that meet these requirements. We have a supplier evaluation system in place to monitor this.

5. Processes and process equipment

Targeted process planning and process control are a must when it comes to efficiency, sustainability and error prevention. delta pronatura processes are planned, specified and subject to regular review. This enables us to choose the best possible materials, processes and equipment, taking quality and environmental criteria into account.

6. Product safety

At the earliest possible stage of product development and improvement we bring in experts to deal with product safety, product labelling and health and safety issues. Our risk management process, which covers the entire life cycle of each product, ensures that only safe products are put on the market.

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7. Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements

Compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to delta pronatura products is a fundamental premise in everything we do.