Dr. Beckmann: Say goodbye to stains

Our specialist laundry and household cleaning agents have ensured uncompromised cleanliness for over 40 years. From Stain Devils and Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets to appliance and surface cleaners – when it comes to competent cleaning and stain removal, Dr. Beckmann always has the perfect solution. Our most successful product launch of 2020 was the Dr. Beckmann disinfectant range.

Stain removal

Laundry care



Bullrich – feeling good from within

The original Bullrich Salz has been a classic remedy for indigestion since 1927. And indeed, our entire Bullrich product range is fully dedicated to ensuring optimal wellbeing, for both stomach and skin. The nutrients and minerals in Bullrich pH Balance Lozenges restore natural vitality, whilst our Healing Clay releases its purifying, soothing properties in powder form – and comes in both capsules and our new fabric mask.

pH Balance Lozenges

Bullrich Salz

Healing clay

Fabric masks

Blistex – more than just luscious lips

All over the world, Blistex is synonymous with gorgeous, happy lips. Renowned for both nourishing and natural results, its tiny tubes, pens and pots now have a firm foothold in more than 64 countries across five continents. From repair and regeneration to natural and elegant – our extensive Blistex range offers the perfect lip care product for everyone.

Lip Repair

Lip Care

Bi-Oil – for a smoother touch

When it comes to smooth skin, Bi-Oil is a frontrunner. The oil-based body care balm is one of the most top-selling products for treating scars and stretchmarks in 21 countries worldwide. And that’s not all: The new Moisture Gel for dry skin promises to be the next best-selling skincare treatment from our specialist Bi-Oil laboratories – with more to follow in 2021.